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Chapter-11 [Structured Programming – C Language]

Answer the following questions

  1. What is structured programming language?
    A programming technique that divides a program into different small functional modules is called structured programming language.

  2. What is C programming language? List any four data types used in C programming.
    C is a high-level structured programming language used for developing system programs developed by Dennis Ritchie in Bell’s Laboratory.
    Data types used in C are:
    i. Int
    ii. Char
    iii. Float
    iv. Double

  3. List out any two features of C programming language.
    Following are the features of C programming language:
    i. It supports graphics.
    ii. It is a structured programming language.
    iii. It is a case sensitive language.

  4. What is data type identifier? List the data type identifiers used in C language.
    Identifiers are the name given to the entities like variables, functions arrays etc.

  5. What will be the value of ‘y’ in the given expression y = 64 % 5?
    The value of ‘y’ in the given expression y=64%5 is 4.

  6. How many keywords are there in C Language? Write any two keywords used in C language.
    There are 32 keywords in C language. Example includes: int, float, char, double, else, break, continue etc.

  7. Why C is called middle level language?
    C is called a middle level language because it supports features of both low-level language and high-level language. It can be used for both system programming and application development.


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