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Chapter-5 [Electronic Commerce]

Answer the following questions

  1. What is e-commerce? Write down the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce.
    The process of buying and selling goods and services through the internet is called e-commerce. In other words, the business done through the internet is know as e-commerce.
    Following are the advantages of e-commerce:
    i. It helps customers to do online shopping any time and from any location.
    ii. It helps business houses to expand their business.
    iii. It helps to reduce the cost of product.
    iv. It saves the time and cost of the consumers to go to the physical outlet to purchase product.

    Following are the disadvantages of e-commerce:
    i. It is difficult to identify the quality of product.
    ii. Building a e-commerce application or website can be expensive.
    iii. Customers need to wait for few days to get their product delivered.
    iv. There can be a problem of data privacy.

  2. Differentiate between e-commerce and traditional commerce in two points.
    i. Customers can visit the e-commerce site and order their product.
    ii. Products cannot be physically examined before purchasing it.
    iii. It helps in saving time.
    Traditional Commerce
    i. Customers need to visit physical outlet to purchase product.
    ii. Products can be physically examined before purchasing it.
    iii. It takes time.

  3. What are the types of e-commerce business model?
    Following are the types of e-commerce business model.
    i. Business-to-Business (B2B)
    ii. Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
    iii. Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

  4. What is m-commerce? List any two types of m-commerce.
    M-Commerce stands for Mobile Commerce. It is the process of buying and selling goods and services through internet using small wireless handheld devices like mobile, tablet, PDA etc.
    Following are the types of M-Commerce:
    i. Mobile Shopping
    ii. Mobile Banking
    iii. Mobile Payments

  5. What are the applications of m-commerce?
    The applications of M-Commerce are:
    i. Mobile Banking
    ii. Mobile Ticketing or Booking
    iii. Mobile Procurement
    iv. Mobile Telecommunication
    v. Mobile Utility Bill Payment
    vi. Mobile Information

  6. What are the advantages and disadvantage of m-commerce?
    i. It helps local and small business to grow.
    ii. It helps companies to be in touch of their customers regularly through Push Notifications.
    iii. It helps user to pay their utility bills easily.
    iv. It enables user to purchase airline tickets, movie tickets, bus tickets etc. at ease.
    i. It can be expensive to set up m-commerce business.
    ii. There can be a threat of leaking data.
    iii. There can be a problem because of poor network connectivity.
    iv. A big-screen mobile or tablet is required to display the product clearly.

  7. What is online payment?
    The process of making transactions or paying for goods and services through electronic medium without using paper cash or cheque is called online payment.

  8. Define digital wallet with any four examples.
    Digital Wallet refers to an electronic or online payment service that allows users to perform online transactions.
    Example includes: eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, i-Pay, QPay etc.


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